1.5 – Activity 2 matching headings

Activity 2


Read the following paragraphs and choose the best heading from the options.

List of Headings
vi Environmental effects
vii The relevance to health
viii Addressing the concern over increasing populations


1.Inferior: (adj)not good, or not as good as someone or something else

2.Reiterated:(v) to repeat a statement or opinion in order to make your meaning as clear as possible.

3.Adequet:(adj)satisfactory or acceptable in quality or quantity.

4.Sanitation:(n)the protection of public health by removing and treating waste, dirty water etc.

5.Preventabl:(adj) able to be prevented or avoided.

6.Evidence:(n)facts or signs that show clearly that something exists or is true.(information etc that gives reason for believing something.)

7.Fall behind:(phrasal verb)fail to keep up with one’s competitors.

8.Consequence:(n)a result of effect, typically one that is unwelcome or unpleasant.

9.Policy: (v)a way of doing something that has been officially agreed and chosen by a political party, a business, or another organization.

10.Extend:(v)to continue for a longer period of time, or to make something last longer.

11.Jeopardize:(v)to risk losing or spoiling something important.

12.Compensation:something done to make up for a loss, deficiency or fault.

13.Reservior: (n)a place usually a man-made lake, where water for drinking etc is stored.

14.Dam:(n) a special wall built across a river or steam to stop the water from flowing, especially in order to make a lake or produce electricity.

15.Threaten:(v)to be likely to harm or destroy something.

16.Endanger:(v) to put someone or something in danger of being hurt, damaged or destroyed.

17.Withdraw:(v) to cause to move back or away.

18.Destroy: (v)to damage something so badly that it no longer exists or cannot be used or repaired.

19.Thrive:(v)to become very successful or very strong and healthy.

20. Irrigation: (n)the supply of water to land or crops to help growth, typically by means of channels.

21. Degrade:(v) to make the situation or condition of something worse.

22. Aquifer: (n) a body of permeable rock which can contain or transmit groundwater.

23.Replenish: (v) to put new supplies into something, or to fill something again.

24.Dispute: (v) a series argument or disagreement

25.Tension: (n) the feeling that exists when people or countries do not trust each other and may suddenly attack each other or start arguing.