1.4 – Exercise 2

Questions 1- 6

Complete the sentences below. Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.


Mr. Bill: Now, before we can admit you into the birthing ward, we have to first get you

to fill out this registration form.

Michelle: But my baby’s coming and the contraction’s getting worse.

Mr. Bill: The baby’s not coming this instant, dearie, and this takes just a moment. So your name is Mrs. Roberts (Q1) R-O-B-E-R-T-S, right?

Michelle: Yes, Michelle Roberts on 85 North Hillcrest (Q2&3) Drive.

Mr. Bill: H-I-L-L-C-R-E-S-T. Correct?

Michelle: Yes.

Mr. Bill: And what is your postcode?

Michelle: Well, I just moved there. I think it’s 32K 156 (Q4).

Mr. Bill: Now you seem to have an accent. Where are you from?

Michelle: I’m from the Netherlands. So I’m Dutch (Q5).

Mr. Bill: Thanks. Now for arrival time. Today is the 12th. You should be here for six

nights and seven days, so you should be checking out on the 18th (Q6). There, that’s everything. You can go to your birthing room now.

Michelle: Thanks.

1.Ward:(n) toward the stated place or direction.(a large room in a hospital where people who need medical treatment stay.

2.Registration:(n) the act of recording a name or information on an official list.

3.Contraction:(n) one of the very strong and usually painful movements of the muscles in the womb that help to push the baby out of the mother’s body during the process of birth.

4.Instant:(adj)happening immediately, without any delay.

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